1. Kohei Akiba

    Discovered on Flickr, under the name of Kohei Akiba, are a series of abstract paintings generally influenced by vibrant color, yet with an emotional quality. The paintings are gathered in different sets, classified from the date of production. The paintings are unique and interesting and brings an enjoyable presentation to the viewer.

    As always, stay steezi brothers and sisters.


  2. Sites of the week

    The Steezi staff has compiled a selection of websites and blogs that are essential sources of inspiration to the way we work. Here are a few we’ve chosen to present for this week.

    ID Online

    ID online is the dedicated website for the commonly known I-D Magazine, featuring news and updates for the high-fashion enthusiast.  The website regurlarly feeds in content and constantly brings us fresh news about what is happening in a general sense, in the fashion industry.


    Is more of a visual blog, incorporating high-fashion influences and clothing inspiration as well as your daily dose of what are the new trends in the industry. The styles presented on the website follow the dark and gothic aesthetics with a little  hint of the common Japanese high-fashion.


    LVRS Tracy

    Photographer and our dear friend LVRS Tracy, compiles his photographs from travels and his experiences unto his personal blog. His photographic style, encouraging the use of noise and film, brings out a fresh and unique approach to each of his pictures. From time to time, Tracy will feature some commonly known subjects through his work and will capture them with his personal touch.


    Superfuture is a resource for individuals looking for the more refined selection of clothing, news and information about what goes on generally in our fast-paced culture. It is also adapted for those who are looking to travel to the great cities and are looking for descent shops & boutiques to shop. Superfuture in general is a great tool for travelers with a taste, looking for the ideal shop that reflects their interests.


    Techspec itself is classified in its own personal genre in terms of aesthetics, taste and content. The image based blog introduces carefully selected content that, in unison brings birth to a unique sense of style and fashion. The website speaks for itself, we suggest taking a look at it to fully comprehend what we mean.


    Honeyee, to many, is refered to as the “Hypebeast of Japan”. Honeyee brings us the essential content for the streetwear, menswear, lifestyle & high-fashion enthusiast needs but also with an influence of Japanese culture and commonly known brands. Although for foreign speaking users, the content is mostly written in Japanese, in which we couldn’t care less because the quality & amount of content would gladly satisfy anyone no matter the language it is presented in.


    Four-pins is a great source for articles on the fashion/style industry written in a comical and enthusiastic manner. Some of the featured articles are a great and enjoyable read and also may give you a couple of laughs here and there. The articles are written in a style similar to  the witty, careless vibe of those from the writers of vice magazine and brings a charm upon the reading experience. It’s a more-or-less a mix of greatly chosen topics on style as with a comical humor.

    The Sartorialist

    Now commonly known around the web, the Sartorialist is a New-York based photographer capturing the beautiful unique styles of the Big Apple. He has recently worked on a photographic collaboration with Coach featuring models wearing the bags in a street setting. His collection of pictures are neverending, and always brings interests for the viewer.


    For those interested in Architeture and design oriented fields, the contemporist is a great source for a daily dose of selected work from across the world focused on travel, architecture, design & art. It’s always a great tool for those looking for inspiration that isn’t mainly focused on clothing but also on a structural basis.  

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  4. The Steezi x Theophilus London & LVRS Crew shirt.
  5. The Steezi x Theophilus London & LVRS Crew shirt.
  6. The Steezi x Theophilus London & LVRS Crew shirt.
  7. The Steezi x Theophilus London & LVRS Crew shirt.

  8. huf-course:

    Steezi SALES event come check me out at the shop http://t.co/p8D6zH0r

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  9. The Tour de Roses shirt

    The Tour de Roses shirt is currently only available for Montreal-city residents only for the moment. Please contact us at steezieye@gmail.com for further information, Thank you.

  10. Interview Sonic Jay & Luke Stay Steezi